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  • 76th Annual Apple Blossom Festival Parade 2022 Entry Application   


    ENTRY FEES: $140 (Commercial), $75 (Nonprofit)


    CLEAN EMISSIONS: Zero emission vehicles do not create pollutants. Examples: bicycle, solar, electric, wind and self-propelled.

    ANIMALS WITH OR WITHOUT DRAWN VEHICLE: Any animal entry – horses, goats, llamas, dogs, etc. – pulling or not pulling a cart/buggy-type vehicle. Entrants are responsible for all animals wastes along the parade route and in staging and disbanding areas.

    COLOR GUARD: Any unit that carries the flags/colors or the USA and wishes to compete. (Walking, vehicle, or mounted)


    • Single equestrian mounted

    • Group equestrian mounted

    ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC AUTOS: Must be in collector condition and 30 or more years old.

    FLOATS: Fully decorated structure/vehicle that depicts the parade theme, “Mask-A-Rade.” Floats may have fresh floral, natural or artificial materials. In judging, points will be added for decorated truck, cabs and tow vehicles.

    Commercial Float: A unit which carries and promotes the name, logo and/or product, or other insignia of a commercial for profit business.

    Non-profit Float: Not a commercial float. Nonprofit organizations, academic schools, veteran groups and individuals.

    NOVELTY: These are based on innovation, uniqueness, costume, decorations and theme. Humor is recommended!

    YOUTH: Single or group of youths under the age of 18.

    OPEN CLASS ENTRIES: Any entries that do not wish to be judged.


    • Elementary School – Highest grade is 6th.

    • Junior High/Middle School – Highest grade is 9th.

    • Senior High – Highest grade is 12th.

    Please indicate order of appearance on the application.

    OTHER BAND:  One that does not fall into any of the above descriptions.

  • Once you submit your application, please return to this page to pay your entry fee. 

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